SiWIM data collection



Management of the road network requires a variety of information to support maintenance decisions. The reliable traffic loading data collected by SiWIM® system supports the decisions related to infrastructure maintenance. Consequently, the works on the road network can be reduced and optimised, which results in cutting maintenance costs, in less time spent for repairs and reconstructions, and in lesser impact on the environment.
For efficient road network management, specific information is required at different levels of the decision-making process (planning, implementation, operation). The data collected by SiWIM® system supports this entire process. With its ability to provide accurate axle loading information per day and, by comparing this result with initial calculation based on data from traffic counters, calculating life span of the observed road section, together with bridge related data, SiWIM® system offers unparalleled advantage over any other WIM system.


Building traffic infrastructure is a time-consuming, expensive and usually irreversible process. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to support the analyses and planning documents with the most accurate traffic loading data possible. The SiWIM® system, being a flexible and an entirely portable tool for measuring the real traffic loading, is an ideal solution for collecting quality traffic data for the purposes of planning.
Road pavements are structures with limited lifetime. They are designed to withstand a specific number of equivalent single axle loads (ESALs). Increased heavy traffic due to the construction works or similar activities in their vicinity can significantly shorten their expected lifetime. Applying a methodology for the calculation of road damage remediation fees, based on the SiWIM® system data, costs for road repair can be shared between all parties involved.

With the help of SiWIM® data, intervals and extent of main-tenance works can be optimized considerably.
The running costs of SiWIM® management and data collection are negligible compared with the costs of unplanned and unnecessary works.
The data collected by SiWIM® system supports this entire process.